1. Started my work weekend early..

  2. Flat days at the beach are still days at the beach (at Goochs Beach)

  3. Shipped this little guy out to Cali, for the next part of his journey. Thanks @fahertybrand for helping find this guy a home!
    Back to the shop to make his replacement…
    #schooleysmtnsurfboards #hollowwoodsurfboard #woodisgood #neverendingsummer

  4. Looks a midweek sick day (cough cough)…..at the beach

  5. Always enjoy explaining what I do for fun

  6. Annoying how NYC subways aren’t more accommodating to surfboards.. (at 9th Street (PATH station))

  7. The family fleet is on the beach (at LBI)

  8. at Barnegat Light, NJ

  9. #5 coming to a break near you

    #handmade #hollowwoodsurfboard #schooleysmtnsurfboards

  10. Ever wonder what the beach looks like from a kite? You’re welcome…
    #gopro (at Barnegat Light Beach)